Where to Get Help

Learning about Child Mental Health and understanding how to recognise potential disorders is an important first step. Below are some organisations which can help provide more support.
Please click on the name which will link you automatically to the relevant page.


Centre for ADHD and Autism

Website: www.adhdandautism.org

ADHD Foundation

Website: www.adhdfoundation.org.uk


Young Minds

Website: www.youngminds.org.uk


Anxiety UK

Website: www.anxietyuk.org.uk

Website (Get help): www.anxietyuk.org.uk/get-help

Infoline: 03444 775 774


No Panic

Website: www.nopanic.org.uk

Helpline: 0300 772 9844


Young Minds

Website (Anxiety guide): www.youngminds.org.uk/find-help/for-parents/parents-guide-to-support-a-z/parents-guide-to-support-anxiety/

Autism Spectrum Condition

Ambitious about Autism

Website: www.ambitiousaboutautism.org.uk


Centre for ADHD and Autism

Website: www.adhdandautism.org


National Autistic Society

Website: www.autism.org.uk


Young Minds

Website: www.youngminds.org.uk

Conduct Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Family Lives

Website: www.familylives.org.uk

Helpline: 0808 800 2222


Clinical Partners

Website: www.clinical-partners.co.uk


Young Minds

Website (Depression guide): www.youngminds.org.uk


OCD Action

Website: www.ocdaction.org.uk

Helpline: 0300 636 5478



Website: www.ocduk.org

Support queries: 01332 588112

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

General charities/multiple conditions

Young Minds

Website: www.youngminds.org.uk

Parents Helpline: 0808 802 5544

Webchat: www.youngminds.org.uk/parents-helpline-and-webchat


Action For Children

Website (Children’s Mental Health): www.actionforchildren.org.uk/support-for-parents/children-s-mental-health/


NHS Children and young people’s mental health services (CYPMHS)

Website: www.nhs.uk/nhs-services/mental-health-services/mental-health-services-for-young-people/children-young-people-mental-health-services-cypmhs-children-information

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