Helping teachers recognise mental health conditions in children

Teacher watching children do an activity

Teachers are very well placed to recognise mental health conditions in children. Because they see their pupils every weekday, teachers are able to witness the small changes in a child’s behaviour, demeanor and outlook on life.

For this reason, Nip in the Bud offers universities and primary schools information to help them identify and understand common mental health conditions in children. We provide , films and downloadable fact sheets to teachers, free of charge, as well as a free presentation for INSET or for universities to use with their trainees. Our aim is to empower all teachers with the skills to provide support to children who need it.

Support for teachers

Teachers have a lot on their plate already. So why should they add mental health support to their lengthy to-do list?

There are a few reasons:

  • Some children exhibit different behaviours at school and at home, so parents might not be aware of any issues that teachers may be experiencing with their children.
  • Mental health conditions in children can affect their academic, social and developmental progress at school.
  • Teachers often spend more time with children than their parents do, so are more likely to notice any symptoms or changes in behaviour over time.
  • The Nip in the Bud resources help teachers gain the knowledge they need for the Ofsted Wellbeing and Mental Health part of school inspections.

Early intervention is key

Mental health conditions often begin in childhood or adolescence and can have wide-ranging and long-lasting effects. They can affect a child’s relationships, their educational attainment and job opportunities.

If left untreated, they could also develop into serious mental and physical health problems and have significant economic and social costs. This applies not only to the individuals and their families, but later in life, to the health and criminal justice system too. With early intervention things can be very different.

Where to begin

At Nip in the Bud, we are passionate about helping teachers recognise mental health conditions in children.

During the 2018/2019 academic year we began by delivering free presentations to 3,000 primary school teacher trainees, tutors and mentors at universities across the country. We decided that this was a good way to trial our PowerPoint presentation and our online resources.

Some of the feedback we received about the presentation:

‘This has given me the confidence to tackle some worries I have had about children in my class and talk to others about it’ 

‘I liked the format of the session, videos were really informative’

‘I will be vigilant and open minded about mental health issues’ 


To download the free presentation, click here.

To discuss booking a presentation during 2020/21 to teacher trainees at university please email us at